About us

Yyppee is the largest most comprehensive and interactive marketing, advertisting and communications platform ever created for customers, restaurants and food distributors only.

Everything customers could want to know about their favorite restaurants are included in Yyppee. Such items as deals, discounts, rewards, birthday gifts, specials, events, delivery, pickup and a whole lot more, are now all available in one mobile app.

Yyppee was designed exclusively by restaurant owners and customers through years of direct feedback and interactions with them.

Both restaurant owners and customers alike kept telling us that there were just too many apps that each had to use when it came to restaurants. Thus, app overload! Nothing links, syncs and connects you to everything like Yyppee.

As we see it, the restaurant industry is one of the most fragmented industries and this is why we created Yyppee, "The One App For Your Appetite"!