Restaurant Owners

Yyppee brings together into one application everything you could want to offer, share, and communicate to new & existing customers to market your restaurant… and it’s totally free!

If yes, you know the cost associated and the percentage of customers that take action.  You also know that 90% or more of these materials get thrown away.  Within your restaurant’s profile on the Yyppee platform, there is a section dedicated to always making sure these marketing pieces are available for customers to see all the time.  In fact, for customers who tap the notification request for your restaurant, they can be notified every time you put up a new marketing piece or make a change to an existing one.

If the answer is yes, how do you let them know ahead of time all about your new and current specials, other than when they happen to be in your restaurant?  Yyppee provides a section specifically dedicated to listing out all your specials, were you can add, subtract or change them as often as you would like.  Customers can now see your specials all the time and those that want to can be notified through push notifications every time you make a change.

Every time you update or change any of your restaurant’s features on Yyppee, within seconds, it shows up on the Yyppee platform for all new & existing customers to see. And for those customers who requested, a push notification is sent directly to their phone alerting them of your updates.

Yyppee has a section for customers, which displays your birthday gift offer. The Yyppee app also automatically invites customers to your restaurant for their entire birthday month through a direct push notification.

All the different deals you must create separately on these websites listed above, can now all be created individually on Yyppee. And the best part is…there is no revenue sharing.  You keep it all!

Incentivize your customer even more by offering an additional discount or offer by posting your restaurant on their social media. Yyppee provides the wording that goes with each post. Yyppee has seamlessly integrated the ability and motivation for customers to make posts. And sharing them is easy and beneficial for customers to do. This gives your restaurant great organic exposure!

Stress no more! Yyppee is an all-inclusive application. It covers everything and anything you could want to offer, share, and communicate with customers all in one simple to use application.


Yyppee will simplify your life! It will help clear out some of your restaurant based mobile apps by giving you access to everything your favorite restaurants want to offer and share, all in one mobile application.

Yyppee makes it simple by first, letting you know which restaurants offer delivery and/or pickup, and then with the simple tap of a button, we take you right where you need to be to place your order.

Visiting another state and can’t remember that great restaurant you ate at or just like to keep up with your local favs? Yyppee solves this problem by allowing you to create a list of all your favorite restaurants which gives you access to everything going on at that restaurant through push notifications.

Yes, you read it correctly. Yyppee may be the only restaurant based mobile application that celebrates your birthday every single day, all day long, during the entire month of your birthday!