Yyppee for Restaurant Owners

Your One Stop for Customer Loyalty

Yyppee helps your restaurant to create a community of recurring customers and provide you with communication tools to stay connected to them. Our marketing features let you drive more customer traffic and position your brand.

With Yyppee You Get Access and Control to these Powerful Marketing Features


Email Marketing feature

2. Yyppee Wi-Fi

Customer data collection option


Push notification option

4. Loyalty Rewards

Customer loyalty rewards option

5. Birthday and
Anniversary Gifts

Auto birthday and anniversary customer invite option


Food and drink tour option

7. Yyppee Universal Rewards

Yyppee new customer invite option


Promote food items you're best known for


Direct customers to your preferred delivery app


Use your own or any third party system


Let customers email your restaurant directly


Show diners your hours, specials and menu


Customer LTO auto alert option


Social media link option

15. VIP Club

VIP club membership option


Create events and sell tickets to diners


Promote your catering to all Yyppee users


Groupon type deal offer option


You control all the mobile marketing options


Send mobile coupons to targeted customers

21. Text messaging

Send direct text messages to your customers any time you want (pricing varies based on messages sent)

22. Touchless Menu

No more printing costs or health concerns

23. QR Code Reader

Points, rewards and menu are all scannable

24. You

You control everything!

What Is Yyppee Universal Rewards?

Yyppee Universal Rewards is the largest game based rewards program in the world. Diners from all over can earn points in various ways every time they use the Yyppee app. These points are then redeemable at all participating restaurants across the globle. Start attracting new diners today!

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How Yyppee Universal Rewards Works

Yyppee diners can earn points in various ways by using features on the Yyppee app such as joining your restaurants loyalty rewards program, sharing deals, claiming birthday gifts, ordering online, rating restaurants, referring friends and so many more ways. The points they earn can then be redeemed at any restaurant participating in the Yyppee Universal Rewards Program, including yours. This allows you to market your restaurant to a larger audience and gives customers who have not been to your restaurant a reason to come in. It will cost the Diner 1000 points for a Universal Reward at your restaurant. You will choose the reward you want to offer customers for their 1000 points. The greater the reward you offer, the more new customers you will see.

Common Questions

What if I already have a rewards program?

No problem, Keep it!

Yyppee Universal Rewards is Yyppee's exclusive rewards program and comes with the Yyppee Base Platform.

The Yyppee Universal Rewards Program is designed to help you get new customers by letting you market your restaurant to all Yyppee users, not just your own customers.

Also checkout our Restaurant Loyalty Rewards Program while you're here as well. You just might want to roll your current rewards program over to Yyppee.

What if I also want my own Loyalty Rewards Program?

We've got that covered too!

Yyppee will build you your own custom restaurant loyalty rewards program.

In fact, most of the restaurants on Yyppee have both of our reward programs, The Yyppee Universal Rewards Program and the Yyppee Restaurant Loyalty Reward Program.

The Yyppee Restaurant Loyalty Rewards Program is optional and can be added for a few extra pennies ($20) per month.

Check out below some of the great additional features that are included with the FULL MARKETING PLAN.

Restaurant Owners

I joined and it was super simple…

List Your restaurant on the Yyppee Marketing Platform for all diners to see.

Then add a Yyppee Universal Reward for all diners to claim.

That's it, your done. Yyppee!

Are you ready to get started?


Get access to the Base Marketing Plan, which includes Yyppee's exclusive Universal Rewards Program for only $10 per month. Want full access to everything Yyppee has to offer? Signup for our Full Marketing Plan for only $199 per month.
No contract required.

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Choose Your Plan

Base Marketing Plan

Per Location

$10/Per Month
Plan Includes:
  • Your Restaurant listed on Yyppee
  • Universal Reward Program Access
  • Universal Reward Analytics
  • Direct Customer Feedback
  • Your Restaurants Net Promoter Score
Full Marketing Plan

1-9 Locations

$199/Per Month
Plan Includes:
  • All 5 Base Marketing Plan Features
  • Access to All the Full Marketing Features.
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10+ Locations

Special Discounted Pricing
Plan Includes:
  • All 5 Base Marketing Plan Features
  • Access to All the Full Marketing Features.
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Additional Services

Turbo Charge Your Marketing.

Yyppee Wi-Fi Marketing

Use your Wi-Fi to transform the way you reach customers. Turn your Wi-Fi into a customer contact collection powerhouse that comes with full automated and custom email marketing.

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Yyppee Social Media Digital Marketing

Your own personal Yyppee Relationship Manager (YRM) will coordinate and service all your digital marketing needs. From social media posting to custom branded emailing, we do it all.

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Yyppee Online Ordering

Get a customized online ordering system built directly on your website. We are flat fee based and take no percentage or share of your sales or profits.

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Yyppee Loyalty Rewards

Use Yyppee’s dual rewards program to create loyal customers and attract new ones to your restaurant. This unique dual program allows for twice the marketing power and results.

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Yyppee Website Design Services

Allow us to build you a beautiful custom branded website at a very affordable cost. Get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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(Base Plateform required to add any of the above services)